A very versatile range of smoke ventilation control panel, provided of back-up batteries: they operate 24 Vdc actuators for smoke and heat extraction in case of fire, and control the automation of single or multiple windows for natural ventilation even in a multy-storey building.

The opening command for smoke extraction is controlled by smoke detectors, emergency push buttons, fire alarm systems or Building Management Systems (BMS) by “free potential – normally closed” inputs. Fire alarm conditions and control panel faults are signalled on the emergency push button and control panel LED.

To provide comfort and energy saving, natural ventilation is granted operating automatically the windows according to the environmental conditions detected by the sensors. In addition, for natural ventilation, windows can be manually controlled by zones through local push-buttons.

C-SV and C-SV IB smoke ventilation control panels have been designed, tested ad certified according to EN 12101 part 10 and prEN 12101 part 9 by IFT Rosenheim.

EAC certified version available on request.