PlusUltra locking device is an easy inexpensive solution for the automation of windows with multiple locking points, avoiding the installation of additional electric actuators (or electronic locks).

It is suitable for outward opening windows.
• PlusUltra has to be installed together with chain actuators series QUASAR and VEGA. A version for manual opening mechanism is also available.
• The force to release the locking points (before opening) and engage them again (after complete closing) is supplied by the chain of the electric actuator during the first part of its travel.
• The transmission of the movement is provided by 90° rotation of the standard pin for internal gear (7×7 mm) included in PlusUltra. The gearbox integrated in the profile operates the bars of the multiple locking hardware.
• PlusUltra locking device provides max torque of 0.34 Nm, usually suitable for operation of max 4 locking points
• According to the actuator to which it is connected, different fixing systems are necessary.

PLUSULTRA LEFT for gearbox with clockwise closing rotation