Buildings need to breathe just like us humans and proving the right type of ventilation is essential to that end.
In fact, as we mentioned in one of our previous articles, when it comes to removing stale air and replacing it with fresh air, natural ventilation of buildings is a great option to achieve such results while lowering costs.
But let’s take a closer look.

What is natural ventilation in buildings

Natural ventilation in buildings is the way we manage to supply fresh air to a building by means of passive forces.
In fact, natural ventilation is achieved without the aid of mechanical processes.


Natural ventilation in office buildings: the benefits

Talking about the benefits of natural ventilation in office buildings, first and foremost we need to mention energy savings, which can vary and highly depend on the intended use of the building and the climate of the country where it lies.
Then again, when using natural ventilation in office buildings you will have significantly reduced operation costs when it comes to maintenance and replacement.

Plus, research shows that in naturally ventilated buildings people tend to feel comfortable in summertime in much warmer temperatures than in mechanically cooled buildings, due to shifting expectations and preferences as a result of occupants having an active role on indoor environment control.

Such occupants when working in naturally ventilated buildings also seem to be significantly more satisfied with their thermal environment
Plus, being natural ventilation in office buildings regarded as a passive solution, it also suits most standards of the sustainable design field.

Guide to natural ventilation in high rise office buildings

Adopting natural ventilation in high rise office buildings has the potential to greatly reduce energy costs, but it has to be done right.

When it comes to adopting this system to taller buildings, while it is well acknowledged that natural ventilation allows to lower energy costs, therefore generating savings in the long-term, among developers there is still a perception that both initial construction costs and maintenance costs will be higher. 

On the contrary, besides capital cost savings worth 15% as compared to air conditioning, naturally ventilated buildings also substantially save on energy due to lower costs for operating the natural ventilation solution (70 – 90% less), in addition to the qualitative, psychological effects on the building’s occupants. In case of mixed ventilation mode, integration and total communication is essential between the ventilation system and mechanical/air conditioning system, in order to reduce the power consumed by fans which could represent up to 25% of total power consumed by the building.

natural ventilation of buildings

Guide in high rise office buildings

Here’s a brief guide to natural ventilation in high rise office buildings:


  1. After deciding that natural ventilation is the best solution for your building, in order to maximise results occupants should be allowed to gain control of the operation of windows.
  2. How does the direct urban microclimate around the site affect directional wind speeds, temperatures, humidity and seasonal variations?
    Your location has a great impact on the choice of implementing natural ventilation for your high rise office building and that’s why you should study in detail (and, if possible, on field) all aspects of your local climate.

    3.  If there are significant differences between day and night temperatures where you live, you should try night-cooling ventilation. Find out more about this topic here.

4. How impactful is the effect of other surrounding tall buildings on wind and airflow patterns around your building? Keep in mind that the ideal site location has minimal summer wind obstructions from the surroundings.

Now that you are aware of the best practices when it comes to applying natural ventilations tu buildings, be them offices or residential, wait no more and check out our website for more information on our products and how they can help you boost your ventilation game!