There are many ways to develop an efficient and cost-effective window automation system: let the experts window fabricators guide you in selecting the most suitable product from the wide range of UCS, otherwise we offer flexibility in developing custom solutions in close collaboration with you.

Our configurator provides a solution for a first approach, contact us for a higher level of assistance: solution for the declared values of wind load, possibility of integration of actuators into the profiles, selection or design of suitable brackets, assistance for certification of SHEV Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators according to the European Standard EN 12101-2

For commercial profile series, UCS can create dedicated customized CAD libraries.

UCS works with 3D models and with the most advanced design and assistance techniques (BIM Models, CAD library, Remote assistance …)

For more precise and efficient advice, fill out the Form with the most salient information of the project you are working on; if you provide details on CAD, we can return them with our solution in 24 hours.