The electric chain actuator is a key element in modern building management and control systems (BMS). Window automation is a sophisticated and efficient solution that can be easily integrated into any architectural context. The opening and closing of windows and doors is managed centrally to improve ventilation and natural ventilation, reducing the use of air conditioning. Moreover, the electric chain actuator, in case of emergency, helps the extraction of smoke from a fire.

Electric chain actuator for Natural Ventilation

Programmable and addressable electric chain actuator allows to integrate automatic window opening with modern building management systems (BMS), improving comfort and efficiency. Window automation is synchronized with the operation of other intelligent systems, such as heating, air conditioning, solar shading, and turning lights on and off. The main goal is to take advantage of natural ventilation to cool buildings and improve air quality. Through electric chain actuators it is possible to regulate the flow of fresh air or to program the automatic opening of windows during the night to cool the rooms. In addition, the automated management of windows and doors allows the air exchange, making the environments where we work and live healthier. Inside buildings the air is often more polluted than outside, due to humidity and pollutants released by building materials, detergents used in cleaning, and electrical appliances. The electric chain actuator in the Building Management System therefore, makes it possible to reduce the consumption linked to the activation of heating or cooling systems and to make the environment more liveable.

Automatic window opener for Smoke Ventilation

The automatic window opener also plays an important role in case of fire. When a building is engulfed in smoke and flames, it is essential to maintain a clear escape route for occupants to escape and for firefighters to intervene. Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilators (NSHEVs) are able to maintain a smoke-free layer above the floor. They use electric chain actuators to automatically open windows and skylights on the roof to vent hot gases and regulate airflow. This keeps the smoke from saturating the rooms, poisoning people and preventing them from finding a way to escape. The automatic window opener also regulates the entry of cooler, outside air from below, which pushes hot gases upward by pressure difference.

Electric chain actuator from UCS

The Nano electric chain actuator is manufactured by Ultraflex Control System srl with the best construction technology and state-of-the-art electronics. It is programmable in all its functions and it is able to establish a bidirectional communication with the computer system of the building without the need for external modules or control panels. The device is equipped with an electronic board that allows you to set the parameters according to the needs of the plant. The electric chain actuator is compatible with all BMS building management systems. Thanks to its small size and minimalist design, it can be matched to any architectural context and allows the management of projecting, tilting, pivoting and parallel windows, sheds and skylights. It does not simply perform the opening and closing operations (ON/OFF) but provides real-time and continuous feedback on the status of the window, promptly signaling any faults. When several Nano electric chain actuators are used on the same window, it is possible to synchronize their speed. Operation is very quiet and is designed to reduce the risk of entrapment.
In the case of smoke extraction systems the automatic window opener operates at maximum speed and power for gas and heat extraction. It can also be connected directly to battery backup for added safety.

Moreover, due to its very small size (24 x 35 mm) it is THE SOLUTION FOR INTEGRATION INTO THE WINDOW PROFILES