NATURALLY VENTILATED BUILDINGSLatest surveys report that 90% of people are more satisfied with their indoor environment in naturally ventilated and mixed mode buildings than in buildings with mechanical ventilation and air conditioning.

This preference is mainly due to the fact that occupants have easy access, can regulate their indoor environment and are not entirely cut off from the outside environment.

A higher ventilation rate implies curbing the concentration of CO2 which can negatively affect people going about their daily tasks, and, in general, reducing cases of illness: 25% to 67% less sick building syndrome symptoms, to the advantage of productivity by 3-18%. Moreover, natural ventilation is the cheapest and most effective measure to contain the transmission of corona virus indoor:

contaminated aerosols emitted with the breath can float in the air for hours; their accumulation in insufficiently ventilated indoor spaces can allow the transmission also over distances of more than two meters. Proper room ventilation ensures an exchange of air and allows to dilute the concentration of the virus, bringing it to levels not sufficient for the infection.





Natural ventilation: 1970s Manual solutions

Reliable and economical manual control for remote controlled windows. Compatible with most of the aluminium systems present in the market and window typologies (top or bottom hinged vent). Basic natural ventilation without automatic environmental control.




Natural ventilation: 1990s ElecNATURAL VENTILATIONtric solutions

Introducing electrical window actuators and automatic meteorological control.

Substantial improvement in comfort and ventilation creating the basis for today’s integrated solution.







Natural ventilation: today Integrated solutions

New generation of compact actuators with integrated programmable circuit board, providing two-way communication with computer system. All actuator functions are totally programmable and the actuators  provide 100% real-time feedback on their status. Integrating window automation with the BMS Building Management System will enable interaction with other systems in the building (HVAC, lighting …).