Programmable and addressable chain actuators:

BMSline is a new generation of compact actuators for windows with integrated programmable circuit board, providing two-way communication with computer system. All actuator functions are totally programmable and the actuators provide 100% real-time feedback on their status. Integrating window automation with the BMS Building Management System will enable interaction with other systems in building (HVAC, lighting…) granting considerable energy saving, improving comfort and wellbeing, becoming health and productivity. At the same time the building’s safety is assured by smoke ventilation in emergencies.

> Compatible with all existing building management systems.

> Continual, totally controlled window with real-time feedback. Not just an ON/OFF operation (open/close).

> Addressable actuators in order to control the environment of each room in a building.

> No need for external modules/control panels: the actuator has built-in intelligence.

> Window controlled locally by a standard wall switch, even with a centralized Building Management System.

> Smoke Ventilation Control Panels with back-up batteries can be directly and safely connected.