Available end brackets or sliding brackets (to be ordered separately); the dovetail slide allows the fixing on the whole length of the T-Rack actuator.

12 mm square rack transmission.

Available on request:

> 180 mm and 1200 mm stroke

> F-SIGNAL versions with opening or closing feedback signal (free potential, maintained contact), activated by the current limit.


For large domes/top hinged windows or to provide more stability, Synchro T-Rack is the right solution for multiple installations, granting speed synchronization and providing up to four push points on the same vent.

Max 4x actuators Synchro T-Rack can be used, each one providing 1000 N force for a maximum force of 4000N on the same system. Synchro T-Rack version is equipped with an integrated speed synchronization control board, avoiding the installation of an external control box and metallic rod between the actuators.